About Your Local Republicans
Our purpose is to endorse, support and elect Republicans to fight for our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in our local, regional, state, and national governments. We pursue this goal by educating the citizens in the local area and supporting our local candidates with volunteers, funding, and encouragement.

Party Officers

SD57 Chair Sharon Peterson

SD57 Deputy Chair Jim Peterson

SD57 Secretary Kevin Ecker

SD57 Treasurer Rob Dove

HD57A Chair Larry Debelak

HD57B Chair Jerry Ewing

HD57A Vice Chair Pat Bauman

HD57A Vice Chair Dave Husmann

HD57A Vice Chair Rich McCabe

HD57A Vice Chair Mike Rose

HD57A Vice Chair Josh Solano

HD57B Vice Chair Tony Baldwin

HD57B Vice Chair Timothy Traeger

HD57B Vice Chair Michael Pekarik

HD57B Vice Chair Michael Atherley

HD57B Vice Chair Amarachi Joseph