About SD57 Republicans

The SD57 Republicans is the official political unit of the Minnesota Republican Party that represents the interests of Republicans in the cities of Apple Valley, Rosemount, Coates and portions of north east Lakeville.

Map of Minnesota Senate District 57

Our purpose is to endorse, support and elect Republicans to fight for our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in our local, regional, state, and national governments. We pursue this goal by educating the citizens in the local area and supporting our local candidates with volunteers, funding, and encouragement.

Our leaders are elected by our members every two years.  Our current officers are:

SD57 Chair Noah Harber
SD57 Deputy Chair Richard Simones
SD57 Secretary Jelena Popovic
SD57 Treasurer Rob Dove
HD57A Chair Lisa Schneegans
HG57B Chair Michael Pekarik
HD57A Vice Chair Dave Husmann
HD57A Vice Chair Matt Lundin
HD57A Vice Chair Johnson Madamu
HD57A Vice Chair Rich McCabe
HD57A Vice Chair Joshua Solano
HD57B Vice Chair Tony Baldwin
HD57B Vice Chair Curtis Henry
HD57B Vice Chair David Kuykendall
HD57B Vice Chair Joe Scanlon
HD57B Vice Chair Tim Traeger


The Growth and Opportunity Party  - The GOP is for:

  • Less intrusive government and more personal freedom
  • More efficient government and lower taxes
  • Capitalism and individualism
  • Common sense solutions
  • Conservative values